Mastering the IELTS Online: Overcoming Challenges and Maximizing Your Score

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a crucial hurdle for many immigrants and international students. With the rise of online learning, conquering IELTS has become more accessible than ever. However, online lessons also present unique challenges. Here at CCPD, we help students overcome these challenges and achieve their desired IELTS scores. In this post, we’ll explore how to…

Conquer Your Speaking Fear: Cracking IELTS SPEAKING for Sri Lankans

The International English Language Testing System, aka IELTS, can be a daunting prospect, and for many Sri Lankans, the speaking section seems like the biggest hurdle. Fear not, fellow islanders! While cultural nuances and educational systems might present challenges, understanding the obstacles when it comes to IELTS in Sri Lanka, is the first step to overcoming them. Let’s dive into…

Navigating IELTS Stress: A Comprehensive Guide for Married Professionals with Young Children

Embarking on the journey to pursue higher education is both exciting and challenging, especially for married professionals with young children. IELTS in Sri Lanka is a significant step in this process, and managing the stress associated with it is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into effective strategies for overcoming IELTS stress, specifically tailored for individuals balancing familial…

IELTS Academic for study abroad purpose

IELTS is the most widely used English language test in the world for studying overseas. Your IELTS Sri Lanka scores will be accepted as verification of your English language aptitude by thousands of the most prestigious universities and colleges around the globe. IELTS is presently recognized as a measure of language competency by almost 3,500 colleges and universities in the…

One Skill Retake – The Newest Development in IELTS

After following an IELTS Course in Sri Lanka and sitting for your Computer Delivered test, if you need to improve your band score in only one area, now you do not need to sit for all four subjects again. Introducing One Skill Retake! You can retake one of the four skills—Listening, Reading, Writing, or Speaking—at the IELTS One Skill Retake…

Time management tips for IELTS Reading test

The majority of candidates who sit for IELTS in Sri Lanka waste time during the reading test, without realizing that they are doing so. Lack of time management skills can cause extreme stress and it can also result in you losing concentration and clarity in mind. On the other hand, strong time management strategies will help you avoid unnecessary anxiety,…

Is coaching necessary to obtain a good band-score in IELTS?

There is a debate among the candidates whether coaching is necessary to do well in IELTS in Sri Lanka. While coaching may not be absolutely necessary to do the IELTS exam, a good coach can definitely guide one in the right direction, and impart with structures, tips and techniques, which will enable candidates to score an excellent band-score in IELTS.…

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